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Designing and hosting experiential conceptual dinners exclusively for closed group of guests is what we do best. The Gastronomy Lab serves as a splendid venue for The Culinary Lounge signature experiential dinners. With its state-of-the-art appliances and equipment that would make the kitchen of a five-star hotel blush, The Gastronomy Lab is outfitted with all the resources necessary to make any delicacy from any cuisine from around the world.

Our celebrated guest Chefs work their magic around the equipment and you get a front row seat of the action. A closer look at the processes behind the preparation of a culinary delight provides valuable insight into the various worlds and techniques of the culinary art form. Here, the chefs display their talents, showcase their abilities and even let slip a few trade secrets that you never may have known about otherwise. The Gastronomy Lab hosts the absolute best cuisiniers, masters of their crafts-from the most renowned chefs of the nation to the rarest of tribal chefs sharing secrets and practices passed down from generation to generation. Here, their art survives. International travellers can learn ethnic recipes in our cooking demos by local rural chefs. These workshops provide you the opportunity to catch more than a glimpse of how these masters manage their kitchens. The interactive nature of the workshops allows any questions you may have had about cooking to be answered by professionals who have mastered the craft. You then also get to sample and appreciate these marvels of gastronomic creation

The varied nature of the multitude of cuisines sampled here at the Gastronomy Lab allows you, the guests to develop an exceptional sense of perception whereby, you are able to comprehend the various places and their cultures through the perspective of the palate. To be able to appreciate the uniqueness of the various cultures and their outlook towards food and subsequently (owing to the all-pervasive nature of food) even life.

By the end of these experiential dining workshops you would be skilled enough in the ways of the culinary preparation to be able to dice, chop or Julien your way out of any obstacle you may encounter in your private culinary endeavours.